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Hawaiian-Punkrock that makes you tap your toes and sing along

Crispy Jones started 2009 as a Rockabilly-Trio but are a Ukuleleband since a few years now. Crispy plays as an One-Man-Band or with other musicians from his area. They played shows with Dick Dale, Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers), The Peacocks and many more. From big Festivals with The Creepshow, Buster Shuffle or Agnostic Front, to busking or even garden party gigs. His parents brought him his first Ukulele from Hawaii and he immediately fell in love with the Ukulele. He is supported by Baton Rouge Ukuleles, Seydel Harps, Farmer Foot Drums and Pyramid Strings.


Uke Magazine (UK) says:
"... unique and characteristic foot tapping style."

Marshall Lytle (Bassist Bill Haley & His Comets):
“I really enjoyed the [Crispy Jones] CD … good work.”

Dr. Dick (NL): "... sounds like good hawaiian punkrock.“


Locations Crispy Jones played so far:
Nürnberg Hirsch, MUZ-Club, Z-Bau, K4, Cult, Consumenta, Bardentreffen, Kunstrasenfestival, Wilderer, Molly Malone's, Vischers Kulturladen, Schanzenbräu, Strike Bowlingcenter, Chateau Moser, Novina-Hotel - Erlangen Scheune, E-Werk – Fürth Kofferfabrik, Lindenhain Open Air, Weinfest, Rock'n'Roll Lives Festival, Gelber Löwe, Babylon, Kopf & Kragen, Zett9 - Stadtlauf - Thalmässinger Music Adventure - Schwabach 48er - Eltmann - Neubrunn - Ansbach Stadtziegelei - L.A. Cham - Sommerfühl Open Air Feuchtwangen - Dippach - Coburg bei Adam - Bamberg Live Club, Sound'n'Arts - Weißenburg Torwart, JUZ - Hecktrieb Festival, Tschabos Pattendorf - Krach am Bach Open Air Prölsdorf, Berlin Tiki Heart Café, uvw.

Franken Fernsehen - Star FM - Radio Z - Hitradio N1 - Radio Gong 97,1 - AfK Max - RTL II

Bands Crispy Jones played with:
Dick Dale, Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers), Che Sudaka, Buster Shuffle, Boppin' B, TV Smith, Peacocks, Civet, Kitty in a Casket, Bloodsucking Zombies, The Creepshow, Itchy Poopzkid, The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats, ...

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

Samstag, 5. November 2016

Ukulele Charity Sampler @ Uke Planet

Here's a great article from UKE PLANET about our charity ukulele sampler:

"... it’s a tidy collection of tracks too, varied in styles with a well orchestrated track order. ..."

"One man band, Ramones fan and one slice of a musical trio, Crispy Jones has extended his repertoire further still by putting together a uke based sampler album to raise money for Médecins sans Frontières and UNO-Fluechtlingshilfe
Charity compilations are a great thing ..."

"... my personal foot tapping choice being Out Of Luck (featuring second vocalist Caro) with a reggae chop verse, rap influenced vocal and a simple but really tasty drum track. ..." 

Here's the article:

I recommend to check out www.ukeplanet.co.uk regularly, cause Mike is writing great articles that every ukulelefan should read!!!